The elegant Linux player, now also on Windows



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One of the best-known music players for the Linux environment has a version for Windows as well, and with it you can have a different experience playing your favorite albums thanks to its many features. Its interface – as intuitive as it is elegant – lets you play your music in a really easy way. You can configure the equalizer without having to navigate through the menu bar, and easily use its many other features.

One of the main advantages of Amarok is that, besides being really simple, it lets you classify your music in a practical way and download the cover art to organize your collection in a more visually pleasant way. It also incorporates an information tab to recognize the artist or band you're listening to, and even view their page on Wikipedia.

Amarok is very efficient at managing playlists, and lets you add music from other services, such as Last.FM and Jamendo, among others, to create a larger collection.
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